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recital spherical

We, RS Team has just introduced a new web-magazine called ‘Recital Spherical’. This is a totally art related magazine in which all kinds of visual arts and performing arts are included. We also wish to publish various kind of writings(of any language), and promote works of handicrafts, art events, artist profiles etc. Out team also wishes to work with any artist nationally or globally.


To talk about Recital Spherical’s mission, it entirely focuses on all the creative minds out there looking for a stage to share their talents and experiences. All kinds of arts and artificial works are mostly welcome. Language has no barrier inside this.


To talk about its vision, our team is always looking for future collaborations with any artists nationally and globally. Any kind of art works can also be promoted through our web magazine. We are always working so that all the brightest and the creative minds can get such opportunities.


Adwaita Krishna Basu
Member of BIRUTJATIYO Prakashan, Bolpur.

Subhra Saha
Art Practitioner & Editor. Fellow Member at SWA. Academic Counselor (Anthropology), IGNOU

Biswarup Howlader
Writer. Editor. Lyricist. Screenplay Writer. Fellow Member at SWA.